The managing director of the Item Group – Salvo La Mantia – announces the advancement in construction of the Hilton Capomulini and the inauguration scheduled for 2018. The Hilton Capomulini, a structure with 370 rooms, suites with swimming pools, 4 restaurants, 4 bars, a modern SPA with all the comforts and a congress center faithful to the standards of the reference chain. The Hotel is placed on the market with a qualitative accommodation offer capable of welcoming luxury tourism and business related customers, setting itself the goal of becoming a reference point for congressional tourism in Sicily. The hiring will be managed directly by the Hilton Group with a selection campaign that will be communicated on its website through a dedicated link.



“The innovative concept of Sicilian hospitality, developed according to the highest international standards, is inspired by the beauty of the Sicilian territory on which it stands”

Acireale, 21 January 2015 – A new notion of hospitality is born in Capo Mulini responding to the highest international standards and entirely inspired by the beauty of the Sicilian territory on which it stands. It was the topic of discussion today at 12.00, during the press conference for the presentation of the Hilton Catania Capo Mulini project. ITEM, owner of the hotel complex and all the organizations with which it is working in synergy presented the project of eco-sustainable restructuration that will make the existing structure among the largest upscale resort specialized in congressional tourism  in the Mediterranean.


DA SINISTRA: il Preside della Facoltà di Ingegneria e Architettura, Prof. Giovanni Tesoriere; l'Ing. Fausto Severino; l'Amministratore Delegato di ITEM, Dott. Salvo La Mantia; il Presidente, Prof. Cataldo Salerno; il Direttore Generale, Dr. Salvatore Berrittella.

Left to Right: President of the faculty of architecture and engineering, Prof. Giovanni Tesoriere; l’Ing. Fausto Severino; the CEO of ITEM, Dott. Salvo La Mantia; the President, Prof. Cataldo Salerno; the General Manager, Dr. Salvatore Berrittella.

The partnership aims to involve both Italian and Emirati youngsters in academic cooperation activities, and to ease scientific and cultural collaboration between the two Countries’ academic systems.

ENNA, 2014 October 17 – Hilton Catania Capomulini project wants to appraise young sicilian talents, creating development opportunities. Within this perspective, the agreement signed by ITEM and Enna’s Kore University offers scholarships and internships for the students who will submit the best refurbishment projects for Capomulini.

Looking forward to the A2 waterpolo national league kickoff, the Catania Swimming team has been presented. ITEM: we rely on youngsters and sports’ true values.

CATANIA, 2014 November 4 – Since November 2014, ITEM has become the main sponsor of ITEM Nuoto Catania, a waterpolo team playing in the A2 league. ITEM believes in sports’ networking influence on youngsters, and aims to help ITEM Nuoto Catania by locally building the fourth national waterpolo point of convergence; in aid to bring a sicilian team back in the A1 league.

unnamedOfficial starting of the works: the archistar with pickaxe and helmet

ACIREALE, 2014 November 18 – Today, Tom Russell, the archistar in charge of the new Hotel Hilton Capo Mulini masterplan, officially started the refurbishment works for the hospitality structure standing near Acireale. Russel wore the construction helmet and wielded the pickaxe during his visit to the construction work accompanied by Salvo La Mantia, ITEM CEO, stylist and artistic director of the project Mariella Ferrera, and architect Roberto Rao.