The Project

Hilton Catania Capo Mulini represents the new conception of Sicilian hospitality. Inspired by the beauty of the surrounding Sicilian territory, Hilton Catania Capo Mulini comes to life through a unique and contemporary signature in the evocative setting of the magical Sicilian land. The Hotel will be refurbished in compliance with the highest international standards and rise in the namesake site, a location ten minutes distance from the city of Catania. Thanks to the ongoing renovation project, it will become one of the largest upmarket resorts specialized in conference tourism in the Mediterranean area.

The hotel’s launch on the international tourism market is scheduled for 2019.

The investment

In August 2014 the existing facility was bought by ITEM, a company in Catania whose major shareholder is a private investor from Abu Dhabi. This is Italy’s first private Emirati investment project and Hilton Catania Capo Mulini project is aiming to fully exploit the territory’s potentials.

The undeniable value of the Capo Mulini investment is further testified by the appraisal surveys conducted by Horwath, a globally renowned consulting company who specializes in the hospitality industry.

The concept

Hilton Catania Capo Mulini will be an architectural exemplar leveraging both heritage and future. The cornerstone of the structure’s refurbishment plan is sicilianity, or the cult of identity and of belonging to the sicilian territory. Indeed the main theme of the refurbishment works will be the Artistic, historical and traditional aspects of the land the structure stands on.

The creative project has been entrusted to archistar Tom Russel, renown worldwide for having planned hotels and hospitality structures for the most important international brands in the globe such what is considered the world’s best luxury hotel, the Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace.

The project’s creative direction has been assigned to Marella Ferrera, a well-known stylist from Catania. On the other hand KWG, an architecture studio also from Catania, will have the responsibility to design the interiors. Together their plan is to conceive a hotel that fully expresses the charm of sicilian heritage while maintaining pinnacle levels of luxury interior design.

The structure

Hilton Catania Capo Mulini is constituted by a main building and several neighboring units, and is thus referred to as a “horizontal hotel”. It will be one of Europe’s largest hospitality structures to be completely refurbished following eco-sustainable standards.
The hotel is spread on a 40.000 m2 area over a 70.000 m2 land, and will be re-designed on based on the footprint of the existing facility. After the completion of the refurbishment works, Hilton Catania Capo Mulini will offer 850 sleeping accommodations divided in rooms and suites, a significant increase in the space for the future hotel guests compared to the 1.562 beds provided by the preceding structure.

The present conference center will be expanded to include over 1.000 seats, making Hilton Catania Capo Mulini home to the largest conference center in the Mediterranean area. Furthermore, a heliport will be provided to ease guest transfer.

The management

Hilton, an international hotel brand, who through Hilton Capo Mulini will be celebrating its first hotel management contract in Southern Italy, will manage the facility.

The company

The Hilton Catania Capo Mulini facility was bought in August 2014 by an Italian investment and development company created in 2008 named ITEM in Catania.

ITEM Specializes in restructuring projects of existing facilities in the tourism-hospitality sector, ITEM’s goal is the economic development of southern Italy and the Sicily region.


ITEM’s major shareholder is a private investor from Abu Dhabi, who is already owner of several hospitality structures.

The company is run by an Italian and international management board with over 30 years experience in financing, operations and hospitality development.

Connections and common values between Italy and the United Arab Emirates are depicted also by ITEM’s company name that is an integration of the two Countries’ initials.



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